Books and more books

I’ve spent a lot of time tucked away reading and writing over the last couple of months. Spring is quickly turning into summer here and we’ve had the perfect weather f0r sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee and a book.

5 Friday Favourites

I have a lot of favourites right now. It’s been a glorious sunny week and the weekend is so close I can almost touch it. Tonight I will mainly be chilling with some wine, then this weekend I’ll be seeing friends, eating good food and having fun. So here are my favourite things right now. + … More 5 Friday Favourites

Pavlova Recipe

Pavlova is an iconic New Zealand dessert and for me it brings back strong memories of summer barbecues growing up. Pavlova is like a meringue but it has a gooey marshallowey centre.

Life Lately

Sorry to go on about it but I’m rather sick of winter. The winter isn’t even that bad here in Buenos Aires but I just want nice warm days where I can sit on my balcony sipping my coffee and where I don’t have to wear a coat. Sadly I think I still have another … More Life Lately

La Bomba del Tiempo

If you are in Buenos Aires and thinking of things to do, you need to add la Bomba del Tiempo to your do to list. Bomba del Tiempo is a percussion band with 16 members that drum out improvised rhythmic beats every Monday night of the year at the Konex theatre in the downtown Buenos Aires suburb … More La Bomba del Tiempo